DC Homeless Died of Cold in Capital

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Thu Feb 14 11:03:48 MST 2002

I sent a friend in Canada a posting about poor people dieing of cold
in the capital city of the United States of America.  He replied:

Sorry to tell you this is also the case in Toronto. The last four years
the only times in my lifetime that I have heard of homeless people
to death in Toronto. We now have special patrols from charities rounding
people on cold nights or checking on them and asking them to come in to
shelters. The city now has special cold alert nights where emergency
are made available.

[Canada, especially Ontario and now British Columbia are under
under regimes similar to the fast-track privatization/commodification
operation in the rest of the "civilized world" as Don Rumsfeld calls

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