DC Homeless Died of Cold in Capital

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Thu Feb 14 12:58:52 MST 2002

Hi Chris,

This note was especially appropriate for me. About two weeks ago I got a
note from someone asking me to "find some homeless Indians" for a KBOO Radio
special (KBOO Radio in Portland is a station on which Eugene Johnson and I
have a bi-weekly radio show called Mitakuye Oyasin--Tursdays 1:30 to 3 pm
soon to be available in real time on the net)on the homeless. Here was a
"homeless activist" asking for "some homeless Indians"--they are all around
and everywhere but invisible even for the "activists."

Where the African-American poor and homeless are portrayed in a negative
light always in the media, perhaps Indians should be "grateful" for not
being portrayed--in any light--at all. They just don't show up in the shows
or the statistics.

Thanks for the note,


Hey, Jim,
Ironically I just received a reply from a friend in Vancouver BC
to whom I forwarded a clip in ref to an ongoing discussion. He writes:

Switch the word "black" for "native" and you pretty much have Canada.

> "Media images of the poor are disproportionately black. While
>  African Americans make up about 30 percent of the poor, about 60
>  percent of the poor people shown on network television news and
>  depicted in the major newsweeklies between 1988 and 1992 were black.
>  Similarly, the media portray the black poor in a disproportionately
>  negative light. Every single picture in newsweekly stories about
>  the "underclass"--the ghetto poor--between 1950 and 1992 showed
>  African Americans. In more sympathetic stories about predicaments
>  such as hunger or medical care among the poor, only about one-fourth
>  of the people pictured were black...

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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