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Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)
P. O. Box  31811, Tel Aviv; Tel and Fax: 972-3-5227124


The  conditions for the women prisoners in Neve Tirza (at present there are  12
women) have become unbearable.

Lawyer Fuad Sultani from the  "Association for the Welfare of the Prisoner"
visited the  Palestinian women prisoners on 28 January 2002, and the
WOFPP lawyer,  Allegra Pacheco, visited them on 31 January 2002, and
both report the  following:

After the last suicide bombing in Jerusalem, the criminal  prisoners in Neve
Tirza screamed death threats at the political prisoners and  threw glasses into
their cells.

About 30 riot police, men and women,  sprayed the cells of the political
prisoners with tear gas, even though there  are strict directives prohibiting
spraying tear gas inside a closed space.  Part of the women fainted. The
police entered the cells of the Palestinian  women and started beating them
with their truncheons.

Amne Muna was  subjected to the worst beating; in addition, her mouth and
eyes were  forcibly held open by two wardens, while tear gas was sprayed on
her face.  Both lawyers have seen the burns on her face. She also told the
lawyers that  an officer threatened her with murder.

Amne was later told by the prison  authorities that she had not been punished
for any personal wrongdoing, but  because she is the representative of the

All the women were  put in isolation and were handcuffed for some hours.
Their electrical items  such as heaters, radios, water jugs and TV sets were
confiscated; they are  not allowed to shop in the canteen for one month; the
only two prisoners who  are still being granted family visits at all (they
are from
Jerusalem), will  not be allowed to see their families for two months.

Please write letters  of protest to:

Director of Neve Tirza Prison
POB 229
Ramle 72101 /  Israel
Fax: +972-8-9776652

Send a copy of your letter to the Israeli  Embassy in your country.

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