The Ousting of Milosevic

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Fri Feb 15 08:23:22 MST 2002

I read this discussion and wonder how much comrades in the US know about the
'revolution' which toppled Milosevic. UK Channel 4 News, which happens to be
light years ahead of the rest when it comes to asking nasty questions
(although it can be found playing to the gallery at times) did a really good
investigation of how the so-called revolution occurred. Supposedly, their
was serious problems coming from certain isolated miners' groups. They were
bused up with the support of the Police to Belgrade and joined with another
bunch of orchestrated demonstrators. Basically, the chiefs of police had
decided to depose Milosevic and organised the protest, the cops on the front
line were told to withdraw at a certain time and it looked like a genuine
revolutionary seizure of power.

I can't remember all the details but it was organised by a group of not more
than 5 senior police and army heads - they admitted it openly. It would be
good to get a copy of the broadcast so that everyone got to understand
exactly what happened that day.

>3. What was the nature of the revolt, coup, or what-have-you that toppled
>Milosevic. Several contributors to the listserv have argued that the
>"opposition" (was there only one "opposition"?) was beholden to U.S.
>imperialism and/or NATO. I do not wish to dispute that Kostunica is proving
>to be a more pliable friend of imperialism than his predecessor, or that
>this was predictable. Yet it seems obvious to me that the reality was a
>little more complicated, and contradictory, than these suggestions that
>either a. Milosevic was overthrown by a popular revolution from below, or b.
>all of his opponents were paid by the CIA.

This is difficult to answer since it involves a variable that did not exist
in Czechoslovakia 1968, namely 10 years of war and economic blockade. If
Yugoslavia had not been torn apart by civil war and subject to embargo, it
is doubtful that the workers would have risen up. After all, Yugoslavia had
free elections that put Milosevic into office. Like it or not, he did
reflect the class interests of many older workers and the vast majority of
the peasantry by all reports. I imagine that the college students in
Belgrade hated his guts, however.

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