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Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Fri Feb 15 11:32:13 MST 2002

Yes it would be 1853. I passed it along this morning without really checking
or thinking about the date. My error. Yes, Swinton did interview Marx and
they corresponded after Marx took up writing for the New York Herald

On another note, just for announcement purposes, Eugene Johnson (Siletz
Nation) and I have a bi-weekly radio show called Mitakuye Oyasin (every
other Thursday 1:30 to 3 pm Pacific Time and will be on next Thursday) on
KBOO Radio in Portland, Oregon 90.7 FM which is accessible (with Real Player
downloaded) at http://www.KBOO.org. The show features news from Indian
Country, Music, alternative press/news, interviews with Indian and
non-Indian activists, rants, humor, Republicrat bashing, call-ins, etc.

Hope you all tune in and perhaps we could interview some people on this list
on various issues.


Michael wrote:

would that be 1853?  Didn't Swinton interview Marx?
Michael Perelman
Economics Department
California State University
Chico, CA 95929

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