Barnesite Dog and Pony Show

David Altman altman_d at
Sat Feb 16 06:32:52 MST 2002

Lately "The Militant," paper of the Barnesite US Socialist Workers Party,
has been making much of the organization's latest "turn," toward "creating
branches in workers' communities."  That the latest "turn" is yet another
dog and pony show is illustrated by this item in the Feb. 18 "Militant."
Note that while the Barnesite's new hall was "filled to capacity," only
twenty people were in attendance, and this included Barnesites shipped in
from Atlanta and North Carolina.


"'A wonderful accomplishment' say
supporters of new Birmingham bookstore


"BIRMINGHAM, Alabama--The new Pathfinder bookstore on Bessemer Road was
filled to capacity January 27 by supporters who gathered to celebrate the
relocation of the bookstore to the Five Points West area of this city.

"Coal miners, textile and other workers, and youth from the University of
Alabama were among the 20 participants in the day's events. Socialist
workers and youth traveled from Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, for
the program as well......"

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