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Sat Feb 16 10:59:20 MST 2002

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Actually Titoism was not "characterized" by a respect for democratic
rights. Tito was very much in the Stalinist mold when it came to democracy, and
Yugoslavia was similar to other eastern european "socialist" states with regard
to press and trade union rights, opposition organization and individual
rights. I believe I can even still dig up documents from comrades in the Fourth
International attesting to persecution of Yugoslav trotskyists. Titoism was best
known for market socialism and the relative autonomy and decentralization
enjoyed by economic enterprises, and regions within the federation. And Tito's
victorious  -- and legitimately autochthonous -- guerrilla movement that enabled
him to resist Stalin.




>Titoism was never really the kind of socialism that folks like us embrace.
>Nonetheless it was characterized by a respect for democratic rights and
>respect for the material needs of working people. We should not denigrate


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