A different perspective

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A different perspective

By Robert Macklin, Canberra Times. Friday February 8, 2002

AUSTRALIA S toll in the World Trade Centre tragedy has fallen
markedly from the 96 estimated killed in those first terrible days.
On his visit to New York last week Prime Minister John Howard
revealed that there were 17 Australian casualties. And the total
deaths, once thought to be in the tens of thousands, has now fallen
to below 3000.

To the families affected such numbers are meaningless. But
politicians have not been beyond using them to their advantage. So
the New Internationalist magazine has just published some figures to
provide a different perspective.

On that same September 11, it reveals:

24,000 people died of hunger,

6020 children were killed by diarrhea,

2700 children were killed by measles,

1411 women died in childbirth

3288 children were made homeless by war.

Time for a war on poverty perhaps?


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