Indians all billionaires!?

Jim Craven jcraven at
Sat Feb 16 17:07:21 MST 2002

What is really sad is that Elouise Cobell lecturing anybody about
"corruption" in Indian Country and the BIA is like Ted Bundy lecturing about
violations of women's rights. Those who know Browning and the so-called
"Blackfeet National Bank" which was started and run by Cobell, (a private
bank using the name "Blackfeet that got start-up money as supposedly a
Tribal Bank) and who know her husband Turk Cobell and his activities at
Browning (let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...) know how little the
broadcast really covered--and how much they effectively covered up.

But the issue is real and critical no matter who brought the case.


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