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Sat Feb 16 19:16:37 MST 2002

Without any doubt - a lot of responcibility of loosing the revolution in
Nicaragua goes to the account of the Sandinista govermentment. No question.
But - as always - the circumstances under which wrong decisions were made,
and the most idiotic one were taken: To have bourgoise elections, and those
in the middle of a war, needs deeper analysis.

The Sandinista Movement never were a socialistic on in its whole - not to
speek of a marxistic one. Large parts were either democrats (in a very
bourgoise sence) or just people which want to get rid of the dictatorship.

Nicaragua after the revolution did not receive the necessary support (in both
ways: political and economical) from the socialist states and was afraid to
take the full of the offered Cuban support.

The international brigades, of which quite a good part would have been able
(and were enabled by personal history to say it in a foggy way) to do the
necessary work for the revolution beside using a shauvel or a sickle were not
used in the appropiate way. I know this fact quite well and I be sure that
the fight against the Contras could have been more successful with new
military resources, which were at hand, but used for farmers work.

The first elections held were based on totally wrong ideas how the people in
Nicaragua would react in a situation of on going war, lacks of food etc and
the offers from the USA to aid the country. Having not based the revolution
on any other idea then to drive out the Dictator and its oligarchy, with no
idieas how Nicaragua should looks like and with no available influence of
socialists in the decision making set-ups of the Sandinista Movement the
revolution were over befor its war was won.

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