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Sun Feb 17 02:41:37 MST 2002

>If only for comrade Ferguson's pleasure, although me to fill in some of the
>details of the SWP's recent history.

Uh, clearly I meant "allow me to...".  While I'm noting this typo, allow me
pontificate a little more on the SWP and company.  Well, the company's name
is Pathfinder Press and it's the place to go if you're a Wall Street
brokerage firm looking to get some printing done cheap, or if you're looking
for some great marxist titles.

Incredibly, Pathfinder threatened to sue the Marxist Internet Archive (MIA)
if they published anything that was copyright by them.  This is tragic
because Pathfinder has some excellent titles, including:

*The 4 book Teamsters series by Farrel Dobbs which tells of the pitched
labor struggles of the 1930s.

*Everything by George Novack, including "Socialism and Humanism" and
"Socialism and Democracy".

*Titles on the history of the womens' movement by Evelyn Reed.

*The speeches of Thomas Sankara and Maurice Bishop, leaders of revolutions
in Burkina Faso and Grenada, whose speeches are not available anywhere else
as far as I know.

*A number of new titles on the Cuban Revolution.

***Check it all out at the new, snazzy web-site!

I'm sure some comrades on this list have many of these titles in their
libraries, but it is a real crime that Pathfinder is keeping these works
from worldwide free dissemination on the MIA internet site.  I truly doubt
that it would cut into their sales of these books in the "workers

Derrick O'Keefe

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