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Sun Feb 17 04:52:52 MST 2002

Dear Jose,

you got me wrong. I have not expected a reaction like that. But after reading
my mail again, I very misunderstandable. I did not wanted to say that the
main part of loosing the revolution goes to the account of the revolutionary
government. But it read like that.  But still I believe  that setting up the
elections in the middle of the war were no step forward, but giving up the
whole thing. I know that this decision were made under the pressure form the
States and under the problem, that military aid from the Sovietunion was not
available. But I am also quite sure that, if the rev. Government  would have
checked some thousand young guys and girls from all over the world for whom
had a military training or one which would have set free military personell
for fighting rather than administration, the war against the Contras would
have been winable.

I did not say that the FSNL was not a revolutionary movement. I said in its
whole it was not a socialist one, or a marxist movement. Anything wrong with

For me - as for you - it is absolutely clear that the revolution in Nicaragua
ended under the pressure and war from the US.

Don't tell me that I am talking "just air". And don't tell me that I have no
idea how it was. I might have much less knowlegde than you. But I have a bid.
And quite private ones....


Martin Timm

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