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On Sun, 17 Feb 2002 02:34:33 -0800, Alternative wrote:
>You want a list?  Here it is a list of
>organizations whose militants were jailed in the
>first year of the FSLN-Robelo-
>Chamorro Junta: hundreds of FSLN members of the
>so-called dog-
>hunter groups; almost 80-90 FSLN members, mostly
>of the Proletarian Tendency for "disobeying"
>orders to respect the property of landowners; 84

You'll note that Carlos does not really supply the specifics of this
"repression", except he lets it slip that the Proletarian Tendency
was "disobeying" orders. These sectarians can blather on at length
about democratic centralism, but when the revolutionary movement
tries to impose a little discipline it becomes a 'cause celebre'.

>All this happened in the first year of the
>revolution.  But then, after a period of
>"apertura" to the left in the mid 80s, they
>again clamped down on the right of left wing
>parties to participate in elections, etc.

Really? In 1987 name a single party that was prevented from running

>Are they, today, that vanguard? How is that they
>collapsed into what they are today? How come
>they are now in the Second International? And co
>-governing with the neo-somozistas?  Well, maybe
>that IS a new kind of vanguard.  Certainly not

Nobody has any illusions about the FSLN today, so why do you raise
this red herring. Instead we are trying to understand how the
Nicaraguan left managed to resist the kind of ideological
self-delusion of the Trotskyist movement which has declared itself a
"vanguard" in every country it finds itself in, to be utterly ignored
by the masses. We want to learn how to achieve power, not
marginality. Instead of lambasting the FSLN in power, you should
spend some time explaining why the Moreno current has remained so
impotent in Latin America.

>Maybe you can explain, then, how a number of
>former Sandinista officers are now owners of
>businesses, lands and big properties in
>With all due respect, I appreciate your own
>balance-sheet of the FSLN and certainly you are
>entitled to make up for their failures and
>explaining them from your point of view and
>their alleged "mariateguist" roots.  I simply do
>not believe those theories, in the face of their
>failures,  hold any water.

That is because you are diehard sectarian who is capable of
criticizing everybody and everything except his own tendency's

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 02/17/2002

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