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Sun Feb 17 09:19:21 MST 2002

Dear Philip:

I was in the SWP when Bloddy Sunday happened and was told I could not any
longer go to the IRA meetings I was invited to by the party chief.  This
really taught me a lesson because my association with the IRA I never told
many comrades about. My grandfather Richard N. Walsh was a card carrying IRA
member all his adult life and left Ireland with his brother to Germany after
the Rebellion in order to save their lives from the Brits.

So as a kid I spent a lot of time with Irish politics and political people
coming and going. I could not understand why the SWP wanted to distance
themselves from the IRA .  This was true with Berndette Devlin who I had the
rare opportunity to hear her speak at Vassar College in 1969.  She was an
open Trotskyist and spoke of the Permanent Revolution.

This is what help me come to the conclusion the SWP was not what I thought
it was. Then there were the expulsions and throwing comrades out without
real discussion.
This all was happening in 1979. Yet I still tried.

Later I felt the COINTELPRO was far greater than any of us thought. Many of
the top leaders might have been FBI or Naval Intelligence.  I said no. It is
you Tom.

In any case none of this surprises me.  I did stay away from the IRA after
that and distance myself from my Irish comrades.


Tom Siblo

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