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On Sun, 17 Feb 2002 12:21:01 -0500, Mark Lause wrote:
>infiltration. For those of us on the Left who
>know the size of the SWP, the sheer numbers of
>informants and agents discussed in the
>COINTELPRO disclosures meant that this should be
>a factor of some sorts in any explanation.

What sheer numbers are you talking about? I got into a squabble with
Chip Berlet, an RPA researcher, who alleged that the SWP was
notorious for having a high proportion of infiltrators in the 1960s.
When I challenged him, he released some interesting figures that was
provided by the government during the SWP suit against the
government. (I didn't know this, but Berlet did some work for the SWP
legal team.) Since Henwood's archives are fucked up right now, I
can't come up with the exact figures but as I recall 4 percent of the
YSA was agents and 3 percent in the SWP. Not a very large percentage,
in my opinion.

>From what I can remember at the time, probably nearly all of these
people were in the Houston branch from what I can gather. We had this
scary looking guy who always came to branch meetings in a hard-hat
that he never took off. My girlfriend Debby, who went back into the
Christian Missionary Alliance after dropping out, once went up behind
him and tapped the helmet a couple of times, asking him: "Is there
anything in there?"

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 02/17/2002

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