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Sun Feb 17 11:29:10 MST 2002

I don't have the exact numbers at hand right now.  They were published in
the MILITANT and recycled frequently by the SWP at the time of the suit.
I don't recall any numbers for any specific time, but there was something
like two thousand (?) connected with the FBI that went through the party
between 1948 and 1972.  Are these something like the figures from Chip

If they had the same duration as most peole joining the party and were
fairly well distibuted over this span of time, that's a significant

Our recollection of the Houston branch is similar, thought the Workers'
World group in the city was really even more loaded with cops, as I
recall.  By 1972, Houston was merely an exaggerated version of the entire
SWP experience...a hothouse in a context that had almost no relationship
to anything they were doing.  In those circumstances. (I remember the
fellow you're referring to, and also recall his involvement in a vital
floor fight over the proletarian nature of grafitt.)


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