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Sun Feb 17 17:25:01 MST 2002

Dear Louis,

I agree with you most widely in your description of various factions of the
revolutionary movement. But that was not my point. I understood that we were
not discussing about the time the revolution successfully overtook the power.

At the time the so-called democratic elections were set-up, a faction of the
FSNL had a become quite weak This might have been so under the pressure of
international circumstances resulting in a no-way-out surrender situation.
Nevertheless, for me it looks still a big mistake to have that elections been
held at that time (not mention the question of elections in a cardinal way).

But I must obmitt, that due to the long time since I was personally involved
in Nicaragua solidarity in various ways, I forgot something, which I remember
now again. And remembering that I would not stick to the first statement I
made. (And to be quite frank: My statement carries a lot of personal
Enttaeuschung (grieve?) that the revolution could not be saved.

Indeed that factors (is that the right word) for loosing the revolution in
Nicaragua were, if I look deeper into the circumstances, brought or
initialisied from outside.

Regarding the jailed members of the CPN I can not remember clearly the
discussions we had - but - I might be mistaken - I have foggy rememberance
that the outcome of it were not against the FSNL. I might be mistaken - but I
remember that this was not in 1980 (the first year of the revolution), but in
1981 (end of the year).


Martin Timm

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