Demographic Changes in the Six Counties (North of Ireland)

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Sun Feb 17 18:11:33 MST 2002

At 04:22 PM 2/13/2002, Donal wrote:
 >offered political cover for Loyalists who are verging
 >on a full-scale sectarian slaughter - their current
 >murder campaign being only the verge (I think Danielle
 >might have some useful statements to put out on this -
 >they were all over the Sunday papers?)

I'll post the news article in question.  Clearly some of the Loyalist
groups, the Ulster Defence Association and their allies in the Loyalist
Volunteer Force in particular, are on the knife's edge right now.  The UDA
disbanded its political wing and declared there was no further need to
engage in politics.  Things are sure to heat up again when UDA commander
Johnny Adair is released from prison in a few months.

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