Re.: CIA Counter-insurgency Manual

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Feb 17 18:31:54 MST 2002

The following refers to the notorious "Blue Book"
that was compiled by the US Army, i.e., not the CIA.
We are now half-a-dozen years later:

 U.S. Manual for Latin Officers Urged Abuses

Training manuals used by the United States Army's special school for
Latin American military and police officers in the 1980's recommended
bribery, blackmail, threats and torture against insurgents...
   ...specific passages remained secret until they were issued Friday
night --a time, well after the evening news programs, when agencies
often release embarrassing information...
   The manuals were mistakenly based on what the Pentagon called "old
material" reflecting policies of the 1960's that have been scrapped.
(New York Times, 22 Sept. 1996, p.10)


Jeez, I'm happy to hear there is no problem...
Reminds me of that joke:
 "Are you still beating your wife?"

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