Exciting new anti-war publications

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Exciting new anti-war publications
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Dear friends,

This week saw the launching of two national publications
dedicated to telling the truth about Bush's war on terrorism
and Ashcroft's war on civil liberties: AlterNet.org's
book "After 9/11:Solutions for a Sane World", and a
new bi-monthly free newspaper called "War Times." The
launches were celebrated here in the Bay Area, and happily, I
was able to attend them both.

What excitement and enthusiasm! At least 300 folks crowded
into the New College's auditorium in San Francisco's Mission
District on Wednesday night to listen to a panel of
contributors to AlterNet's book. The most famous and
entertaining was Jim Hightower, but we were also privileged
to hear Tamim Ansary, the Afghan native whose email circled
the globe before the US started bombing his country, Michelle
Chihara, whose parents and grandparents suffered the US
internment of Japanese during WWII, Stephen Zunes, a
university professor of Middle Eastern History and politics,
and Lee Hubbard, an analyst of the African-American
community's response to September 11. The book is excellent
and can be bought online by going to

Today (Saturday) "War Times" packed another 300-400 people
into the Mandela Center in West Oakland for speeches,
fundraising, small group discussions and the distribution of
packets and packets of pilot issues ready to hit the
streets. They reported extraordinary interest all over the
country, so hopefully you'll soon be seeing copies of "War
Times" in your neighborhoods, coffeehouses, universities and

If you want the staff here in San Francisco to send you
copies of this pilot issue of War Times, simply email them
at: wartimes at attbi.com or write to: EBC/War Times, 1230
Market Street, PMB 409, San Francisco, CA 94102. You can
call (510)869-5156 to leave a message.

What War Times needs now is money and lots of it to continue
to put out this free tabloid, which is bi-lingually printed
in Spanish. They are asking for one time donations or monthly
sustainers. I encourage everyone who can do so to support
this, our only national anti-war hardcopy newspaper that is
committed to present truth during these times of war.

After this week I know for a fact that the peace and
progressive movements--what Jim Hightower calls "The
Democracy Movement"--is alive and well! All we need to do is
recognize that and do whatever we can to connect our
grassroots efforts. This brush fire is aflame all over the

in peace and solidarity

Patricia Lay-Dorsey
                211 SCB BOX 47, WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY
                DETROIT, MI 48202-- E MAIL: ac6123 at wayne.edu

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