The Specter

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Mon Feb 18 08:07:19 MST 2002

At the risk of being the Polecat at the Picnic:  For someone who, with his
entourage, is consistently being minimized  and relegated to Purgatory --
Barnes & Co. have certainly dominated this fine discussion group for most of
the time since Saturday.  Basically, he's been the Star. He, with or without
his flock, must be doing something of significance to command the focus of
so many high-grade Reds. Things may now be finally shifting on our good List
but other issues have certainly had to struggle valiantly to survive and be
noticed -- and I'm frankly not sure they are even yet succeeding in doing

Syndicalistically yours,

Hunter Gray  [ Hunterbear ]  ( social justice )

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