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Mon Feb 18 19:04:30 MST 2002


The only reason to answer some of the comments in the list was to set up
the record straight about Moreno, the Brigades and so on.  I'm not
really into discussing the FSLN balance-sheet.  I think history - and
where the FSLN ended up - already settled whether they were genuine
revolutionaries, or a "new vanguard" as Louis put it.

I read yours and Louis's long explaining of the reasons why the FSLN is
to be commended and understood for their failures. Unconvincing.  The
fact that you chose to make out your own facts and reality doesn't make
those facts and that "reality" any closer to the truth.  Theology and
religion are not my strengths.  I leave that to those who base
themselves on faith.  And blind faith, my friend, is what remains of
your defense of the FSLN politics.

No amount of name calling of those who disagree with you - sectarians,
etc - would save your statements from being purely articles of faith.

And as I wrote before: I'm not interested in e-mail pissing matches.
That's why I'll leave it at that.


Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:01:21 -0500
From: "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at>
Subject: Re: Sandinistas, Moreno, etc

I'm not sure which parallel universe "Alternative" hails from -- perhaps
one akin  to the one where imperialism lost the cold war.

At any rate, I'll just touch on most of these accusations:

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