Dog and Pony Show/Barnes cult

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Feb 18 19:23:24 MST 2002

>At any rate, I've never succeded in shaking of a sense of admiration for
>people such as Mike and their boundless faith in the party, and even feeling
>a little envy, for much as I might admire their faith, I found it impossible
>to share it.

I think there is a thin line between "boundless faith" and delusion at work
in relation to the cult.  My best friend of the late 70s/early 80s is still
in it.  Perhaps he would say he had 'boundless faith' but they have turned
him into a zombie, which is a tragedy.  What has proved boundless is not
his faith but his capacity for delusion and punishment.

Don't admire their faith, Jose; be bloody happy that you got the hell out
of there and saved your sanity.

On a happier note, has anyone read Matilde's book and have anything to say
about it?


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