Now Admiral abuses Commander-in-Chief Chavez

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Feb 19 02:02:43 MST 2002

{This would be so ironic if it was part of a psy-ops campaign.
Wouldn't it?}

A Venezuelan Navy vice admiral, Carlos Molina Tamayo,
became the latest military officer to demand that President
Hugo Chávez resign. The admiral, Venezuela's
ambassador-designate to Greece, said he would not serve
as envoy. He urged his military colleagues at a news
conference in Caracas to join with him in seeking Mr.
Chávez's departure. He is the highest-ranking officer to
join ranks with Mr. Chávez's military denouncers, an air
force colonel and a National Guard captain whose
demands generated spontaneous anti-Chávez protests that
drew thousands to Caracas's streets.    (Associated Press)

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