Antiwar conference this weekend in NYC

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              They Want a War Without End
            We Want a World Without War

                           February 22-24
                 Columbia University, New York City
              Hosted by People for Peace, the Columbia
                  Coalition Against War and Racism!
                   conference at

There is still time to register for this exciting event!  Just visit  This conference contains both educational
and decision-making sessions.  Decisions will be made by elected
representatives of campus antiwar committees.  Each committee is
allowed up to 3 delegates.  Non-delegates are also welcome at all the
sessions and encouraged to attend!

Here is the current schedule of the conference:

Friday 2/22
9-11 Registration (box office, ground floor, Alfred Lerner Hall)
     ***There is a $10 registration fee.***
10:30 "Voices for Peace" video showing (417 Int'l Affairs/SIPA Bldg.)
11-1 Opening Panel (417 SIPA)
     Ceylon Mooney, Voices in the Wilderness
     Ghassan Andoni, director, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement;
founder, International Solidarity Movement
     Rania Masri, Al-Awda Palestinian Right of Return Coalition
     (invited) Marc Herold, University of New Hampshire professor who
has been counting civilian casualties in Afghanistan
1-2:30 Lunch
2:30-4:30 Discussion/voting on proposals for decision-making process
(Cinema, Lerner Hall)
5-6:30 Workshops I (various locations in Hamilton Hall and SIPA)
Confirmed topics (list may be incomplete):
Lessons of the Gulf War
Grassroots Media and Parody News
Permaculture and Sustainability
War Resisters League workshop
The War at Home: Civil Liberties and Academic Freedom
Why McDonald's Needs McDonnall Douglass: Globalization and War
Antiwar Opposition in Afghanistan, the Philippines, and the US
Lessons of the Movement Against the Vietnam War
How to Stop Imperialist Wars: Strategizing for the New Antiwar
The US and the Philippines
Brainstorming Campus Organizing Strategies
Pax Christi workshop
People Opposing War, Empires and Rulers workshop
6:30-midnight PARTY! (West End bar & restaurant)

Saturday 2/23
10-11:30 Workshops II (Hamilton Hall and SIPA)
Confirmed topics:
Non-Violent Direct Action: Refusing to Pay Taxes
The Politics of Oil
"Black Hawk Down" Actors Speak Out Against Bush's War (with Brendan
Sexton & Danny Hoch)
Labor and War
Imperialism: What it is and How to Fight It
Political Prisoners
Media (w/Robert Jensen)
Grassroots Mobilization (w/Nadia Ahmad)
Coalition Building
11:45-1:30 Points of Unity discussion (304 Barnard Hall, Barnard
College (across the street from Columbia))
1:30-3 Lunch
   ****Special Lunch Session--Debate: Alternatives to War (304 Barnard
3-5:30 Discussion and voting: Action proposals
5:30-8 Dinner
8-10 Evening Panel: Stop the War at Home and Abroad! (Lefrak
Gymnasium, Barnard Hall)
     Rita Lasar, Sept. 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
     Michael Letwin, New York City Labor Against the War
     Anthony Arnove, Internation Socialist Organization
     Humberto Brown, Black Radical Congress
     Robert Jensen, professor, independent journalist and media critic

Sunday 2/24
11-1 Further discussion and voting: Action proposals (Lerner Cinema)
1-2 Lunch
2-4 Organizing Session: Building on Campuses (Lerner Cinema)
4-5 Antiwar Rally (College Walk, Columbia Campus)

Directions and maps of campus:

For more info, please visit  For questions
or to contact the Organizing Committee, email
conference at

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