Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Feb 19 10:11:21 MST 2002

Notice in the text of that article about a third in
that the erstwhile Soviet Union rates inclusion
among world's needy countries, along with
subSaharan Africa...

A phrase haunts me when I consider this tragic fact:
"Are you better off now than you were then?"
--to paraphrase Ronald Reagan's taunt of Jimmy Carter
in the Gipper's victorious campaign of 1980.

When we are taunted by liberals about democratic
elections, there is no need to quibble over form or
process.  What are the facts?  How much nutrition
is required for a healthy decent life?  Are the
resources available?  How do we maintain our
resource base?  Other real factors must be considered
too.  Regardless of arbitrarily imposed bourgeois
borders or words printed on a page. Quantifiable
necessities must be met before democracy can exist.
Quantity becomes quality.

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