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[The following was sent by Nestor in reply to a query. Thanks Nestor!]

Will try to give you a general idea.

After Saá was replaced by Eduardo Duhalde, what we have here is a very weak and
fearful -but still national- government whose origin does not lie in the
briberized electoral system, but in a popular mobilisation.

Duhalde represents, IMHO, the remnants of that living corpse, the Argentinean
bourgeois (I mean the host of petty plant owners who were destroyed by the last
25 years). These people are highly conservative, they are scared by imperialism
and would love to be the head of an imperialist country in their own right, but
this is a foolish dream of course. So that they try to return to some degree of
"capitalist normalcy".

The problem lies in that what they have is a non-country. So that not only they
are very weak as respects popular anger, they are also extremely weak against

What is taking place now is an offensive of the imperialists (particularly the
Spanish owned utilities and energy companies: the Spanish are acting as a
ramhead here) and of the banks against this weak government. They are already
prepared to replace Duhalde with a more amenable President, and to impose

Duhalde has been attempting to follow a "cold", non-confrontative, policy, as
regards IMF, the banks, and the foreign owned utilities (also as regards the
transnationalized large bourgeoisie here, the groups that were formed under the
conditions prevailing after 1976). The workers are plagued with widespread
layoffs, and the devaluation has been falling on our shoulders, not on those of
the bankers and great capitalists. So that we are in an extremely awkward

The situation is not defined yet, however. Although Duhalde has been leaning on
a conservative and mostly "neoliberal" Minister of Economy Remes, the economic
plan requires massive help from the IMF, which is not being offered. Recently,
the head of the Central Bank (an IMF man) has informed the Wall Street
investors that unless they helped Argentina, the "moderate and rational" wing
of the government (that is, Remes and his crew) might be replaced by bolder

Whether this is true or not, he is depicting the situation quite reasonably.
While the popular movement is still inchoate (and the mainstream left is doing
their best to bring it down to nothingness through impolitic and foolish
sloganeering), it is also beginning to generate an arena for political
confrontation and growth of mass consciousness among the middle classes. So
that the perspective is of a more streamlined and better oriented movement
against imperialism.

Duhalde is thus caught in a Catch-22. The rebel unionists have told him already
that he had an opportunity to -as we say here- "become Gardel", that is to head
a revolutionary sweep, and that if he decided on that path then he would count
with massive support. But if he doesn't then he would have to face massive

He will have to decide whether to crush the popular unrest or to head a
mobilisation against the privatized utilities, the great capitalists, the
bankers, and the foreign companies in general.

These have answered to Duhalde's moves by raising prices and by lobbying
against the proposed taxes on oil exports. In this very moment, the Spanish-
owned Repsol (former National Oilfields, YPF for the acronym) is menacing with
massive layoffs and even with closing down production. Duhalde has been
delivering public declarations against this move.

So that yours truly is beginning to try to form a massive national agreement to
launch a great battle towards immediate renationalisation of the oil company,
as a concrete means to wage a battle against imperialism without at the same
time giving fodder to the pro-dollarisation party.

Hope to have been clear. If you think it worth the fuss, send to the lists
(Marxmail and L-I).

A hug in hurry,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar


Compañeros del exercito de los Andes.

...La guerra se la tenemos de hacer del modo que podamos:
sino tenemos dinero, carne y un pedazo de tabaco no nos
tiene de faltar: cuando se acaben los vestuarios, nos
vestiremos con la bayetilla que nos trabajen nuestras mugeres,
y sino andaremos en pelota como nuestros paisanos los indios:
seamos libres, y lo demás no importa nada...

Jose de San Martín, 27 de julio de 1819.


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