Re.: FWD from Nestor (Argentina)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Feb 19 14:24:30 MST 2002

I was struck by Nestor’s report on the situation in Argentina,
especially the actions of the financial sectors, and the Spanish-owned
utilities and energy companies.  You (pl.) might also immediately
associate with this behavior the recent and continuing Enron + Wall
Street ripoff.  Like loyal worker/shareholders, patriotic Argentine
citizens were assured the economy was fine until the rug was pulled out
from under them.  Now they have to pay for a new floor and they will
have to buy it from the one’s who profited off the sale of the stolen

The similarities are like the repetitions of forms in a field of
fractals—made more compelling as an allusion [illusion] by the nature of
capitalism as chaos in theory.

Time for a new equation, I'd say...

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