In Memoriam: ROSS DOWSON

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Ross Dowson was the leader of Canadian Trotskyism from the 1940s through
into the 1970s having picked up the pieces after the departure of MacDonald,
Moriarity and Earl Birney and held the movement together until a major
growth spurt in the late 1960s early 1970s.


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I have received word that Ross Dowson has died.  His
name will be known to some comrades.

Somewhere in my archives I have  picture of Ross at
the age of 18, in 1936,  in High Park with a group
of young Trotskyists.
In 1948 Ross ran for mayor of Toronto and got about
30,000 votes.
In 1956, when the CP was thrown into turmoil by the
Khrushchev revelations (about Stalin), Ross stood up
at a large CP meeting and challenged Tim Buck to a
public debate.  His challenge was accepted, but Buck
later backed away from the debate.

For the last decade or more Ross was immobilized by
a stroke.

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