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Subject: Critique Conference 2002

Critique Conference 2002
Saturday 9th March 2001

Franklin Wilkins Buidling, Waterloo Campus, Kings College,
University of London, London
9.30 am Registration
5.30 end

What is to be done and who is to blame?
It is 100 years since Lenin's classic work: `What is to be done?' was
written  and the question is as immediate as it was then. We have,
however, been through 100 years of hope and despair, of proletarian
success and proletarian failure. The end of Stalinism and of the Cold
War and the onset of a profound capitalist downturn has placed
socialism clearly on the agenda again. But there are no mass
socialist parties and no vanguard party worth the name. Speakers will
address the politics and political economy of this paradox.

Speakers include:

Savas Matsas, Istvan Meszaros, Torab Saleth, Moshe Machover, Hillel
Ticktin,Bob Arnot, Suzi Weissman.

Further Information from :
GKFA02 at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Professor H. Ticktin
Glasgow Univeristy

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