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Dear Friend,

Left Turn magazine is the fruit of the renewal of activism and critical
thought that began with the Seattle protests several years ago. Explicitly
committed to the development of a popular anti-capitalist politics, it
provides a lively and non-sectarian forum for all viewpoints - socialist,
anarchist and green - within the broader global justice movement. It acts as a
bridge between the post-Seattle movement and explicitly anti-imperialist
perspectives. It's also a unique collaboration between movement activists and
veteran writer/scholars.

In addition to street-level coverage of the major anticapitalist protests
around the world, Left Turn provides in-depth briefings on such issues as
U.S. participation in the dirty war in Colombia, the current global recession,
the burgeoning "prison-industrial complex," and the post-9.11 police state.

Most impressively, it has taken bold positions on Palestine, immigrant rights
and Bush's "Crusade Against Terrorism." It has been one of the most outspoken
magazines on the need to make justice for the Palestinian people a central
demand of the anti-globalization movement.

In my opinion, however, what is really exceptional about the magazine is that
it is edited by frontline activists, many of them people of color, and thus
expresses all the urgency of struggle and the need for unity. Left Turn is a
movement-building tool committed, first and above all, to serious resistance
and effective solidarity.

Left Turn is produced on a shoestring and lives from crisis to crisis. Please
join me in making a generous, sustaining contribution that will allow this
gutsy little magazine to continue to fight the power. Checks/money orders can
be made out to Left Turn and sent to 1031 Quebec Place, NW - Washington, DC
20010. You can contact them at left-turn at left-turn.org.

Many thanks.

Mike Davis


--The Limits of Empire
--Argentina: The Demise of Neoliberalism?
--"Disappeared" in America
--The Enron Earthquake


--The War, Islam and the Plight of Afghan Women by Kevin Ovenden and Talat Ahmed


--Palestine: Between Occupation and Resistance by John Cox
--Questioning Authority: Opposition to Arafat Grows by Anne Alexander
--US Aid: Lifeblood of the Occupation by Matt Bowles
--Ariel Sharon in the Dock by Laurie King-Irani
--The Case for Palestinian Right to Return by Salman Abu Sitta
--Direct Action Against the Occupation by Jordan Flaherty


--From Boom to Bust: Chris Harman on the Global Recession


-- Organizing After September 11: An Activist Forum by Marina Sitrin
--Theories of Conflict: A Discussion Between Luca Cassirini and Alex Callincos


--Argentina: Anatomy of a Rebellion by Javier Carles
--War and Peace in Colombia by Forrest Hylton
--Books Yes, Bayonets No-Mexico 1968 by Jana Silverman


--The Best and the Worst of the Teamsters by Ella Riley and Alex Hogan


--Barbara Garson
--Chomsky on 9-11
--Blackhawk Down
--Gulf War
--Global Uprising
--Workers and Globalization

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