marxism list tech note

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Wed Feb 20 06:53:01 MST 2002

For the benefit of new subscribers to the list, as well as old hands,
let me review the three ground rules for formatting posts to the
marxism list:

1.) Clip extraneous text:

   when replying to a message, delete all of the quoted text that is
   not relevant to your reply. Be sure to clip the line at bottom
   which starts "PLEASE clip all ...".

2.) Post in plain text, not HTML:

    instructions on plain text formatting can be found here for
    Outlook (Express) users:

    more general info:

3.) No attachments:

    do not attach Word or other documents to your post. if you need to
    forward material from such documents to the list, contact me
    offlist about help in converting to text format, or if it is
    important material we will see about arranging uploading to the

the purpose of these 3 rules is to reduce the amount of wasted bytes
transfered to subscribers; this benefits both the owner of the list in
terms of monthly cost, and subscribers email download costs and time
-- particularly those dependent on slow and costly phone/modem access
to their internet provider.

in addition, subscribers to the digest version of the list often will
not be able to properly view html or attachments due to the nature of
the procedure for accumulating emails into digest form (header

your email to the list WILL bounce if one of these three conditions is
not met.

les schaffer

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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