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Wed Feb 20 12:25:39 MST 2002

The armed and political conflict in Colombia is escalating.

Today an AIRES regional airliner was hijacked. One passenger, Senator
Turbay, was kidnapped. The government accuses the high command of the FARC
as responsable. Turbay was campaigning on behalf of Liberal Party
presidential candidate Horacio Serpa.

Turbays's brother, and a number of other members of his family were killed,
apparently by the FARC, a few months ago.

(When Turbay's father was president of Colombia (1978-82) the left was
subjected to severe repression, including disappearances and torture, under
Turbay's 'Security Act".) 

The hijacking and kidnapping, are having a (perhaps) unintended
consequence: they are helping the government mobilize a mass peace movement
against the FARC.

Unlike the peace movement in the United States during the war in Viet Nam -
which was directed against an im[perialist governmet, the peace movement
here is directed ostensibly against violence of all kinds - but in reality
it is directed towards supporting the government. It is being organized,
not by the central governemtn directly, but by the governors of the
deparments and the mayor's of the cities.

So far it has been a failure except in Meta. Last Sunday's demonstration in
Bogotá drew only a few hundred people, despite heavy media promotion. The
proposed pot banging never happened.

Tonight however, may be a different story. At 7:00 PM the government wants
the country to turn its lights out for three minutes, and to  organize a
national cacaphony of pot-banging. 

We will see what happens.

All the best, Anthony 

Louis Proyect
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