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I agree completely with the points Anthony makes.

    The point I was driving at --I guess I must not have worded it too
well-- that it wasn't simply a question of language involved with the
Miskitus, but a *national* question, a political question of which language
is a part. This in response to the person who wrote saying essentially that
the FSLN was insensitive to language preferences of the people of the
Atlantic Coast (he didn't put it that way, but that was the gist of the

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Language, culture, racism, nations, class and POLITICS

In the recent tiff here about the Nicaraguan revolution etc, one of the
contributors made a remark about language and politics that, in my very
humble opinion, expressed a very serious misunderstanding of where language
fits into politics, class, nations and culture.

I would like to begin a discussion here about language and politics, not
return (at this moment) to Nicaragua.

Jose wrote,


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