Re.: Forwarded from Anthony (escalation)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Feb 20 23:05:00 MST 2002

Anthony wrote:
“Unlike the peace movement in the United States during the war in
Viet Nam -which was directed against an imperialist government,
the peace movement here is directed ostensibly against violence of all
kinds - but in reality it is directed towards supporting the

A recent major Hollywood motion picture about the Vietnam War presents a
similar scenario.  In a promotional clip run on national television
commercials a soldier played by Mel Gibson tells his child that the
reason he is going over to fight the war is to stop bad men from killing
people.  Of course, that is what the Israeli Defense Forces are doing
right now in Palestine: trying to stop bad men from killing people.  And
that is what the Colombian armed forces and the AUC paramilitaries are
doing in Colombia.  Forget about causality.  Their shit don’t stink.

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