Fidel states humanity's struggle is against globalization.

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AIN. 21 February 2002. Fidel states humanity's struggle is against

HAVANA -- Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro pointed out today the
struggle against neo liberal globalization is the common cause of all humanity.

At the closing event of tonight, the IV International Meeting of
Economists about Globalization and Problems of Development. Fidel warned
about the serious dangers chasing the world, from the environment point of view
and the creation of the nuclear anti missile shield.

Fidel considered ridiculous the idea about North Korea or Iran
threatening the North American territory, a pretext to mask the
imperial attempts of total and absolute domain of the planet.

Fidel ascertained that during this fourth meeting some issues were
listened to, of great interest, at the same time he highlighted the
great differences between the first and present edition, due to the
events occurred in the world during last years, but specially during the
last six months.

He continued explaining that in 1998, years of economic growth were
added, of miracle in the Eastern Asia or of the boom of the North
American economy, which extended until the end of the year 2000.

Since then, reduction of industrial index started to be seen, of
decrease of the strong sources of employment of USA and began to happen
what many expected to occur as an inevitable consequence of changes.

He outlined the outstanding discussions being held in the meeting,
Argentina's situation, facing the paradigm of neo liberal globalization
and turned today in the most concrete example of world failure.

During his speech, Fidel criticized Washington's prevailing position of
all international financial facilities, in which it is impossible to
adopt a decision without their consent, and how USA has forced them to
change their original mission with respect to their strategic interests.

He augurs this type of meeting will be every time more interesting, from
the relevant news to be accumulated during the next 12 months, "since
transcendental changes have occurred from the economic and political
point of view," he ascertained.

He expressed the FTAA's impact will be discussed again and warned that
one of the dangers of this Yankee endeavor is the people's lack of
information, who suffer high levels of illiteracy and lack of

The Cuban President denounced how Latin America was enormously indebted at the
back of parliaments and Ministers Council, in adopted decisions by high
authorities, process which coincided with the military
dictatorship time in the area.

He recalled then, meetings taking place in Havana in 1985, of students,
farmers, women, intellectuals, social organizations and personalities of
all kinds, before the external debt crisis of the region, effort guided
to create opinions, moving masses and trying to persuade leaders.

Fidel referred, expected results were not obtained through the
mobilization of creditors to avoid the burst of a crisis with easing

He affirmed third world countries today are burden with a foreign debt
reaching two millions of millions of dollars, from which some 800
thousands correspond to Latin America.

Likewise, Fidel accused the World Trade Organization, facility which was
qualified as a sacking instrument in the hands of the world's owner.

He referred to the damage being causes to Humanity and to the anti
globalization world movement, the terrorist attacks against Washington
and New York and qualified the present context of the world military

However, he outlined, in spite of these adverse circumstances, the
answering movement was not discourage itself and stated as an evidence
the recent meeting of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre, that
gathered some 50-60 thousands persons.

Commander in Chief alleged many say history is coming to its end and
really forget that really we are at the end of Prehistory, of barbaric
acts and of wild ways similar to the first tribes, up to the point man
is not allowed to think.

He indicated humanity is in a decisive stage of history, with an unequal
exchange, with new forms of plundering, effects provoked by neo liberal
globalization, affecting the political, economic, ethic and moral order.

He continued saying how at 10 years of the disappearance of the
socialist camp and the existence of a single superpower, nobody worries
about social injustices, however the communication mass media's domain
is greater.

Likewise, he reflected about the fatal influence of propaganda that with
modern technologies reach the whole planet, as the universal flood of
lies, although he recognized the objectivity of some news  agencies and
television that have forecast the resistance of Cubans.

Fidel recalled that Cuba has shown how much it can be done with few
resources and a minimum of conscious and stated the example that at the
beginning of the Special Period, the country was able to incorporate 30
thousands new doctors, making it a difference with other nations where
public health is traded.

The President of State and Ministers Councils affirmed that
commercialization of basic services is the proof of indifference of the
powerful ones towards education of the people and the death of hundreds
of children under age (0-5) in any poor country.

This is what the world today has, a super developed Capitalism over
calamity bases of humanity and stolen money of third world countries, he called
everyone to transmit these truths, to promote consciousness in order not to
approve and imposed projects such as FTAA.

He reiterated the need of explaining to the masses what International
Monetary Fund is and the negative  thing neo liberalism is, which has
not managed to  reevaluate moneys of Latin American nations where its
formulas are applied.

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