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Thu Feb 21 06:48:24 MST 2002

According to Colombian President Andres Pastrana, the peace process is
over. The Colombian army has been ordered to retake the 'despeje' at
midnight tonight.

The army's plans to retake the zone have been in place for months. All they
have been waiting for has been the politically propitiouts moment. Today's
hijacking of a regional airline flight, and kidnapping of a Senator, was
the green light for the operation.

All of the presidential candidates - with the probable exception of 'Lucho'
Garzon (CP supported labor leader) have supported Pastrana's decision to
atttack the demilitatrized zone. (Garzon earlier strongly critized the
kidnapping of Senator Turbay, but was not seen on television after the
peace process was terminated.)

Popular support for the government is virtually nonexistent. Today's
'peace' protest, of turning Bogota's lights off, and banging pots and pans
failed to materialize.

However, popular support for the FARC is equally non-existent.

The next week in Colombia should be watched very closely by all list readers.

All of you who work in some sort of international solidarity committees
should be prepared to act.

In the last month government and paramilitary threats against the left in
the cities have escalated.

Police, military and paramilitary attacks against unions, the CP, and other
leftists are very likely to e coordinated witht he government offensive
against  the FARC.

The ELN is also likely to be attacked.

The second story in the news today is of a major bridge blown up -
apparently by the ELN - an ambulance plunged hundreds of feet into the
river below as a result - killing a neworn baby and its mother. Attributed
to the ELN by the news.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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