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Thu Feb 21 06:50:35 MST 2002

Peace process/war process

Six and a half hours after the Colombian armed forces were supposed to
enter the 'despeje' here's the situation in Colombia, as reported by TV and
radio news.

1. President Andres Pastrana ordered an end to the peace process last
night. He also ordered the military to retake the despeje.

2. Pastrana rescinded the 'political status' of the FARC, and reinstated
the order to capture (or kill) the leadrs of the FARC.

3. The Colombian air force claims to have bombed 85 targets during the
night with Mirage and Kafir fighters, and with helicopter gunships.

4. The army claims to have entered the despeje on land with thousands of
soldiers. No fighting has yet been reported.

5. All entrances to all major cities now have police roadblocks and
checkpoints (most of which were being put in place over the last two months.)

6. San Vicente de Caguan appears to be quiet, with business going on more
or less as usual according to the live TV reports.

Stay Tuned, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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