On Mike Moore's new book

phantasos mpomo at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 12:04:09 MST 2002

I have not read the book, and I agree the title is
hokey and wrongheaded (particularly the "Stupid"), but
I do not think Moore should be so lightly dismissed as
a fame-seeking "liberal."  One might argue that he is
something of a radical (with apologies to Ho).  And I
didn't realize that it was so reactionary to suggest
that power in the U.S. has a racial character.
Michael D.

--- Bob Anderson <citizen at comcast.net> wrote:
> Michael Moore has a new book out called: Stupid
> White Men.
> So, based on the title of this book are we to assume
> that if we change the
> color people in power to be like that of Colin
> Powell, Clarence Thomas or
> Condi Rice, our government will run with a better
> set of values and goals?
> Once again, Moore has shown his clever ability to
> enhance his own well
> being as an entertainer of liberals with jest and
> humor.  He was not so
> funny in 1998 when the Green Party was running hard
> across the country in
> several Congressional races and Moore sent out an
> emergency message for
> voters to stay with the Democratic Party, to not
> vote Green.
> The next election Moore jumped on the obvious rising
> trend of change, the
> Nader-Green Party wagon but now he is out on his own
> and is setting working
> people against each other with racial
> characterization of power.  Thanks
> Mike for taking us back to the victim hood poverty
> programs days of LBJ when
> what we need now is a revolutionary theory to fight
> global capitalism.
> Neither Ho Chi Minh nor Martin Luther King, Jr.
> would not utter the lines
> Michael Moore puts forth as enlightenment.  Why so
> many give him credibility
> is amazing.

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