On transgressing at academia

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Feb 21 14:36:29 MST 2002

Lou's acerbic comment's on Graeber's intelligence and David's gentle
defence has set me thinking about the academy.  I don't want to visit the
"Lou is too hard on academics line".   I do not think one can be hard
enough on academics. As a bunch they are execrable - the priests of capital
as I think Jim Craven put it.

But now and then you get a gesture that sort of redeems.  For instance
recently a colleague told me that he got an email warning him not to get
too close to me, because I had a reputation for being a radical.  His
career would suffer he was told.  He told them to piss off.

Not a smart move but a decent one.

I wonder though how many conversations there have been like that over the
years and how many people took the advice.  Certainly looking back over the
years it would explain how some good friends of mine dropped off and made
themselves generally unavailable.

Even such is life...



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