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Johannas' Schneiders assertion notwithstanding, Left Turn is not the
section of the International Socialist Tendency in the U.S.  This is a
common mistake made by many left trainspotting types.

While undoubtedly some of the initiators of the Left Turn project are
former ISO members and influenced by the SWP(GB) tradition in varying
degrees, Left Turn represents a fundamental rupture with the "Trotskyist"
project, even the IST's putatively "unorthodox" brand.

You nailed it by describing it as seeking to serve as a pole of attraction
for serious debate around the anti-capitalist milieu.  Along with this is a
recognition that while the fundamental theoretical and political conquests
of the October Revolution are to be defended and maintained, nonetheless
the entire post-war revolutionary socialist project is in a position of
being forced to rethink certain fundamentals in the wake of an emerging
mass movement.  We have to learn to speak a new language.

Left Turn represents an orientation in this direction even more so than the
SWP(GB) or other European left tendecies such as the USFI and the French
LCR.  While theoretically favorable to Left regroupment of the sort being
discussed by the IST and USFI, as well as American organizations such as
Solidarity or the Committees of Correspondence, Left Turn seeks to
transcend a lot of the accumulated cultural and ideological baggage
inherent in even the best of these projects.

What's necessary now is the preservation and transmission of revolutionary
socialist politics and Marxist method in the language of the new movement.

But anyway, no, Left Turn is not an IST group (notwithstanding the wishful
thinking of the IST and its sections).  Here in Detroit, the majority of
members are youth who are former members of or in the periphery of
Solidarity.  Three of us are still formally connected with the USFI, so
there's plenty of elbow-room in terms of international tendency
affiliations and sympathies.

Mike Davis as been a sort of ideological and material benefactor to the
whole project.

Louis Proyect
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