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There've been several new additions -- and several expansions -- with
respect to our very large Lair of Hunterbear social justice website   We function here under rather "basic" circumstances --
but things do turn out pretty well.

A]  We have posted, on two related pages, several examples of my father's
Native American art.  He was born Frank Gray [Micmac, St. Francis Abenaki,
and St. Regis Mohawk]  and then renamed John Randall Salter. He was born
1898 and died in 1978.  He held the B.A. in Fine Art from the Chicago Art
Institute, M.A. in Art from the University of Iowa, and his M.F.A. from the
University of Iowa.  [He was the first known Native American to receive an
M.F.A. degree.]

The first of the two related  art pages

This contains the  oil painting, "Seama Village Family, Laguna Pueblo, New
Mexico, 1940s" and the oil painting "Nadine, Hopi, Northern Arizona, 1950,"
and his last woodblock  Christmas print which is drawn either from Laguna
Pueblo or San Felipe Pueblo,  late 1977.

The second of the two related art pages's%20art%20continued.htm

This contains the oil painting "Mexican Indian Lady, State of Guanajuato,
1953," and the oil painting "Los Locos, Mexican Indian Dancers at San Miguel
de Allende, 1978," and the oil painting "Mount Merriam and the Leupp Road to
the Navajo Reservation, 1961."

In his long career as an artist [and professor], my father worked in oil,
watercolor, woodblock print, stone sculpture, ceramics.  Some of his art --
including the above pieces -- is held by me.  Many pieces are owned by
individual collectors, Native tribes, and Catholic and Anglican [Episcopal]
churches.  Much of his work is now in the possession of  -- and recently
inventoried by -- Northern Arizona University which has exhibited many
pieces and plans to exhibit many more -- some permanently.

B] We have added new material to my Background Narrative [which also
contains detailed material on my father as well as me.]

C]  We now have two related, developing pages for the Native American
Commission [Socialist Party, USA]

D]  We want to again bring to your attention our very full page on the
Mine-Mill Conspiracy Case -- involving an extraordinarily vicious and
intense union-busting and strike-breaking effort by the metal mining
corporations and the United States government.  This has direct relevancy to
the poisonously anti-union and anti-civil libertarian atmosphere in the
United States today.  Our discussion includes, among other things, the very
excellent 1960 Mine- Mill Defense Committee pamphlet, "The Mine-Mill
Conspiracy Case," by noted American labor writer, Sid Lens, and with an
introduction by Socialist Party leader, Norman Thomas.

E]  And also we have the page WOLFSKIN ROBE, GUNS, DRUM, STONE AXE, STETSON,

And there's more -- many of the new items listed in the top portion of our
Index [Directory.]

In Solidarity -

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]  [John R Salter, Jr]

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