Cass Technical High Schools

David Altman altman_d at
Thu Feb 21 16:44:23 MST 2002

Somebody should write a book about Cass Tech in Detroit.  An amazing number 
of African-American artistic and political leaders have come out of that 
institution.  Lou mentions two leaders of the SWP, Derrick Morrison and 
Norman (Muhammad) Oliver.  There were many others.  Malik Miah and Maceo 
Dixon come to mind.

Another (non-political) acquaintance of mine who went to Cass Tech is Howard 
Austin.  I studied graphic design under him many years ago at Milwaukee Area 
Technical College.  He was also the host for many years here in Milwaukee of 
THE BEST jazz program on local public radio.  He was recently let go (or 
quit) as a result of public radio's never-ending search for mediocrity.

David Altman

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