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Commandante Fidel about Globalisation

Fidel states humanity\'s struggle is against globalization

Havana (AIN) Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro pointed out today the struggle
 against neo liberal globalization is the common cause of all humanity.

At the closing event of tonight, the IV International Meeting of Economists
 about Globalization and Problems of Development. Fidel warned about the
 serious dangers chasing the world, from the environment point of view and
 the creation of the nuclear anti missile shield.

Fidel considered ridicule the idea about North Korea or Iran threatening the
 North American territory,  pretext to mask the imperial attempts of total
 and absolute domain of the planet.


WFTU: Israel should  stop it's attacks

WFTU appeals to U.N. and International Community to end the genocidal attacks
 by Israel on the Palestines The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
 strongly condemns the recent attacks on public buildings and residential
 areas in Palestine,
including trade union offices in Nablus, by Israeli air force fighter
planes and helicopters, and the continued deliberate intensification of
military attacks on territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority,
causing immense loss of civilian lives and massive destruction of
workplaces and residential areas.

Military operations are being intensified all over the occupied
Palestine territories, and civilian property deliberately destroyed. The
occupation authories are also demolishing the homes of Palestinian
people in several areas and the assassinations of individuals and groups
of civilians are continuing.


Canadian Communist  Party: Stop War in Colombia

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