Left Turn

Philip Ferguson plf13 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 21 19:26:33 MST 2002

Alecx Locascio writes:

>But anyway, no, Left Turn is not an IST group (notwithstanding the wishful
>thinking of the IST and its sections).  Here in Detroit, the majority of
>members are youth who are former members of or in the periphery of
>Solidarity.  Three of us are still formally connected with the USFI, so
>there's plenty of elbow-room in terms of international tendency
>affiliations and sympathies.

Johannes wouldn't have been the only person under this impression.  When
the ISO was thrown out of the IST by the British brass, the handful of
people in the ISO who supported Callinicos set up Left Turn which was
certainly announced at the time as the new BritsSWP-aligned group in the
United States.

>Mike Davis as been a sort of ideological and material benefactor to the
>whole project.

Mike Davis toured here in New Zealand last year for the NZ Cliffites, the
Socialist Workers Organisation.  (The SWO is a former ultra-Stalinist group
which was aligned with Enver Hoxha before their overnight conversion to
TonyCliffThought.  The old Stalinist leadership expelled more recent
Cliffites who formed a group in 1995 or 96 which is now aligned to the US
ISO.)  I thought it was very strange that Davis was doing a party-building
tour for the SWO as I had assumed, from seeing his name in the credits of
ATC, that he was a member of Solidarity.

Anyway, it's a funny old world.  The British SWP are expelling sections of
the IST all over the place and discussing fusion with the USEC rump.  The
DSP is chumming up to the ISO and saying it's the best thing in the US
since the 60s.  Davis is doing party-building tours for

It's hard for us trainspotters to keep up with this speed.  Could they not
abandon trains and go back to horse and carriage, coz my eyes are getting


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