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Thu Feb 21 19:54:07 MST 2002

Mike Yates wrote:

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> I am writing a book titled tentatively, "Naming the System:  Inequality,
> Underemployment, and Overwork in the Global Economy."  I have two chapters
> drafted and am working on a third.  I would be delighted to send these chapters
> to anyone who would like to read and comment critically on them.

Mike, I'd love to read the parts of your book. What sort of critique are you
looking for? What conservatives might say in response or a left-wing disagreement?
I guess everyone knows what the right will say: all or most unemployment or
underemployment is voluntary, unions are coercive, ruin efficiency, act as a drag
on wages so labor markets don't clear, rent-seeking, inequality doesn't matter if
we are all rational maximising agents, inequality gives incentives, people don't
remain at the bottom for long, the class structure is fluid, progressive taxes are
products of envy, etc etc.

Sam Pawlett

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