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Fri Feb 22 05:45:21 MST 2002

On March 12th at St. Andrew's Hall in Downtown Detroit we will be having
a Peace Rally and Benefit for the Afghan Women's Mission and RAWA
(Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan).

A Peace Rally march will begin at the Swords Into Plowshares Peace
Center and Gallery at 33 East Adams, four blocks from St. Andrew's at

MC Marcus Lee will start the show at 6pm, introducing local bands,
musicians, and poets such as Urban Folk Collective, the Trembling, Sista
Otis, Susan Sunshine, Andrea Geneste and many others! At 9pm, Michigan
native Michael Moore will take the stage and rattle our cages with his
satirical wit. Michael is a film maker, producer, director, and author
of various works of political satire, including the films Roger & Me and
Canadian Bacon.

(Charles Brown will speak representing the Black Radical Congress)

If you would like to represent your organization at the Rally please let
us know at 810.231.0739 or 248.336.9243
as soon as possible. We would like to strengthen the Peace and Justice
community by letting each other know who we are and what we are up to!

Tickets are for sale and will be available at Record Time in Ferndale,
Cass Food Co-op in Downtown, or call 810.231.0739 for other locations.
Tickets are $10, and $12 at the door. We are in need of volunteers!!!
Admission waived for all brave souls who step forward!!!

If your group would like to sponsor or endorse this event, please email
societyintruth at

St Andrew's Hall is located at 431 E. Congress in Downtown Detroit,
between Beaubien and Brush. (313-961-8137)

This event is currently sponsored by:
Green House Peace Project
Labor Party of Michigan
Green Party of Michigan
Peace by Piece
Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery Cass Food Cooperative
Phoenix Alliance   ....

please forward, print, copy, distribute, etc
Peace :-)

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