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I worked at Wayne State University from 1972 to 1974, then hung around Detroit
for the next ten years.  I got to know some of the folks who were out of Cass
Tech, People Against Racism, League of Revolutionary Black Workers,
etc.  Collectively they were an impressive lot, so much so that I returned in
the early 90s to track them down and interview them for a book which became
"Detroit Lives" (Temple University Press, 1994).
Among the interviewees was Mike Hamlin:
      "But then I met John Watson, and through him I began to feel that maybe a
terrorist act, no matter how large, would not accomplish that much.  And maybe
there could be a greater impact by organizing people and focusing on the
working class.  It was through him that I began to understand classes and class
society.  Watson was, is, a super intellectual, a genius." (pg 85)
John Watson was institutionalized at the time, so I never met him.  But he,
like so many others in Detroit who I spent time with, who gravitated around
Wayne State, represented some of the very best of the left.  They were solid
and honest, and  changed my life.
Bob Mast

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