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     The other guy was Norman Oliver, now known as Mohammed
     Oliver. Like most people in the 1980s who would drop out, he
     found that the party simply could not supply the kind of
     intellectual and political challenge that we had known in the
     1960s and 70s. He pursued an interesting path outside the party,
     getting twin degrees in anthropology and medicine. The last I
     heard, he was practicing in Alaska in order to meet obligations
     for financial aid advanced him in school--just like in the TV
     show "True north."

The origins of the Islamic movement amongst black in America is bound up with
the development of the Nation of Islam, which began in Detroit. At least half
of the black radicals of the 60s - in Detroit, parents where affiliated with
Elijah Poole and his sectarian group, which would evolve into the Nation of
Islam - a cooperative movement of the Owen type talked about by Marx and

To this day the Nation of Islam is a cooperative movement. The Freedom Now
Party had invited and paid for Malcolm X to speak at the Ford Auditorium in
Detroit. The recording of this speech is called "The Last Testament" and the
fact that it was given at old man Henry Ford Auditorium is a testament against
the sectarians.  Of course many people have not noted that the Ford Foundation
helped finance Dubois "Black Reconstruction" but there is no conception of 
boundary in the evolution of capital.

Cass Tech generally pushed to send its brightest students to Wayne and then
Fisk and Harvard pulled to get these students. Wayne has one of the most
comprehensive labor history archives in the country as well as a top notch
medical facility. Detroit still has one of the top ten museums in the country
thanks to Henry Ford and the proletarians - including their reflection in
capital, has never wanted to be stupid. The concentration of wealth in Detroit
- in another period of history, is what produced the Berry Gordy and a
revolution in the social structures. Gordy and his Motown Sound, was organized
based on him working at the Lincoln plant of old man Ford. Gordy applied the
transistor to musical production and revolutionized the way music was recorded.
Ann Arbor is twenty minutes away and John Sinclair went crazy. The old peoples
formed the Gray Panther Party and everyone attitude was "if one person is going
to be free in America, everybody going to be free."

What can I say, the origins of the Islamic movement among black in America is
the cooperative movement at a higher level than Garvey - "do for self." Many of
us went to the Mosque on Sunday - after getting our hair trimmed by Moslems,
and then they would give a lecture on our long hair. Nobody wanted to be in the
CPUSA, but everone went to thir bookstore. Noone really cared fgor the SWP but
went to their meetings. Many peopledisliked the old League of Revolutionary
Black Workers "color" politics and funded the movement.  America is crazy
Which is why I love it.
Joe Freemen.

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