On Mike Moore's new book

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 On Mike Moore's new book
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:24:33 -0500
From: Bob Anderson <citizen at comcast.net>

Michael Moore has a new book out called: Stupid White Men.

So, based on the title of this book are we to assume that if we change the
color people in power to be like that of Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas or
Condi Rice, our government will run with a better set of values and goals?


CB; I applaud Michael Moore's book title. We need more radical white male , criticism/self-criticism of racism and male supremacy. The existence of Powell, Thomas and Rice does not at all mean that class conscious workers and communists should drop the top priority of fighting racism and male supremacy. It is completely wrong to imply that race and gender are not central to class oppression and struggle in the U.S.;


Once again, Moore has shown his clever ability to enhance his own well
being as an entertainer of liberals with jest and humor.  He was not so
funny in 1998 when the Green Party was running hard across the country in
several Congressional races and Moore sent out an emergency message for
voters to stay with the Democratic Party, to not vote Green.

The next election Moore jumped on the obvious rising trend of change, the
Nader-Green Party wagon but now he is out on his own and is setting working
people against each other with racial characterization of power.  Thanks
Mike for taking us back to the victim hood poverty programs days of LBJ when
what we need now is a revolutionary theory to fight global capitalism.
Neither Ho Chi Minh nor Martin Luther King, Jr. would not utter the lines
Michael Moore puts forth as enlightenment.  Why so many give him credibility
is amazing.


CB: Ho Chi Minh, Martin Luther King, and Angela Davis would be very supportive of this all too rare white man sharply and emphatically criticizing racism and male supremacy.

We have not advanced so well in the these struggles that we can regress to the old Socialist Party line that there is no special national or race question with respect to Black and other racially oppressed workers.


If Moore's new book was so good helpful he should release it free on line
like many serious activists do to help build a revolutionary mass movement.

Michael Moore may be reached at StupidWhiteMen at aol.com

Bob Anderson
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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